“You Graduate This Semester, Don’t You!?!”

My reaction is somewhere between:


Hello, Real World. Excuse me while I cry into a brown paper bag.


Family Gatherings: When Someone Asks “Who’d Like To Pray?”

All Eyes In The Room Go:


And I’m Like:

What because I’m in seminary? You think I have a direct line to God or something!? Or maybe I’m taking a class called “How To Pray Holily”? Did we miss the point of the Reformation? The point of Jesus’ death and resurrection? The curtain being torn in two?

It’s so we ALL have access into the Holy of Holies, we all have access to God. Not just the pastors, not just the priests, not just the people with a theological education.

So no, thank you, actually- I wouldn’t like to pray. In fact, I was halfway through my second bite of lasagna and now this is really awkward.