A Prayer For Ecuador

On Saturday night, Ecuador was hit with its deadliest earthquake since 1987. So far, over 400 people have died and thousands are injured. You can read more about it here, and support the relief efforts by going here.

Photo source: CNN

Dear Lord,

Today our hearts are burdened for Ecuador. We cannot imagine the terror of those who survived the earthquake. We cannot imagine the despair of those who have lost everything: loved ones, livelihoods, possessions. We cannot imagine the mixture of hope and dread for the rescue workers and families, racing the against clock to save their loved ones. We cannot imagine this, so we pray.

God, we ask that you strengthen all those involved with the rescue efforts. What a exhausting and emotionally taxing endeavor. We pray that you comfort- in some divine and unimaginable way- those who have lost loved ones these past few days.

We pray that you provide resources- food, water, clothing- for those who have lost all their earthly possessions. We pray that you provide compassion among Ecuador’s neighbors and countries around the globe. We pray you provide hope for anyone affected by this tragedy.

Thank you for the joy and relief that comes with every survivor who is rescued from the rubble. But, at the same time, I can’t help but think how horrific it must be for the other families, who wait and wait and wait, to see their loved ones emerge, only to wait in vain.

Lord, as I think of Ecuador, I am reminded of the words of the forty-sixth Psalm: “We shall not fear…though earth give way…though mountains tremble.” This seems impossible right now, oh Lord. Trite, even. How can someone- in the wake of such natural disasters- not be controlled by fear?

I trust that this is only possible in you. So I ask that you would enable those who are suffering from this earthquake to feel your control over their plight. It does not make sense, oh Lord, why you would allow something like this to happen. Really, God. What is the point? What are you doing?

But I pray- from afar- that I would be still and know that you are God, while also praying that you would be with those who suffer in Ecuador.