A Prayer For Brussels

Early this morning, multiple explosions killed at least 26 and wounded 100 more during the Tuesday rush hour in Brussels. Updates can be followed here.

Photo Source: Independent UK

Dear God,

Be with Brussels this morning. I cannot begin to imagine the terror and fear that is sweeping through the city. I can’t begin to imagine the horror griping the hearts of spouses, children, parents, lovers and siblings as they desperately seek to learn if their loved one is a victim of these bombings. I cannot begin to imagine the bravery of rescue workers who are running towards the chaos and danger to help those in need. I cannot begin to imagine the citizens of Belgium and neighboring European countries as they face yet another terrorist attack.

God, what evil. What horrible, heinous and detestable acts. What a terrible lie for someone to believe, that they might serve you by killing themselves and others with a bomb. Forgive them, God. And invade the hearts and minds of these jihadists. Replace their zealous hatred with your zealous love. Work in the hearts of anyone else who is considering such an attack. Save us from them; save them from themselves.

You tell us there can be peace in the midst of fear; cast your peace on Brussels. You tell us there can be hope in the midst of torment and grief; bring that hope to Brussels. You tell us there can be love and forgiveness in the midst of hate; facilitate that love in Brussels. You tell us there can be healing in the midst of pain; heal those who’s hearts and bodies are injured from these attacks.

Dear Lord, be with Brussels. I can’t understand how you could be, but I trust that you are.