Introverts: When The Pastor Says “Now Take A Moment And Say Hello To The Person Next To You”

I’m like:

Then someone in the next pew tries to make small talk:

THEN I see one of those congregants who just loves to give folks a hug:

Finally the announcements start. So I sit back down and on the outside I’m like:

But inside:

Which is where my soul remains until after the benediction when the same (I’m sure) well-intention-ed extrovert in the next pew over turns to me and says: “Well, that was a lovely sermon now, wasn’t it?”

Which makes me feel like:

ze end.

Introverts: When There’s A Party And I’m Not Quite Sure If I Wanna Go

First I Scope It Out Like:

Which Is When Someone Sees Me And Is Like:

And Then I Come In And Am All Awkward Like:


And then I go home.

And read books.

And post about it on my blog.

Ze end.