Friday Playlist: Harbour Lights

Today another good skiing song, this one from a band I heard over a year ago on local radio called A Silent Film. The song is catchy and the music video is archaic in an admirable sort of way enough to make a seasonal favorite of mine. It’s great for driving, shredding the slopes or simply musing.

I hope you enjoy:


Friday Playlist: Dark Storm

So I’m currently on my honeymoon somewhere warm. That being said, I made an agreement with my fiance that as soon as we returned we’d use some of my birthday money to go skiing in the mountains. That, my readers, is what you call a marital compromise (see? I’m learning!).

In preparation for my favorite recreation ever I’ll share with you one of my favorite slope-side tunes. This will certainly be the first of many winterish, ski tunes I share with you over the next couple of months and is by a band called The Jezabels. Hopefully you enjoy it, purchase it and are able to enjoy it as you speed through some fresh powder yourself. If not, I’ll tear up the slopes for you!

Friday Playlist: Silly Song

I discovered this ballad back in high school. Brian Mazzaferri┬áis now the lead singer of the Chicago-based band I Fight Dragons which I didn’t know existed until about five seconds ago (thank you, Google). Inasmuch I haven’t heard much of their stuff but I still really like this song, mostly because I’m a sucker for the mandolin.

Check it out: