Whenever I See A Picture Of Snow Posted With A Snide Comment About Global Warming

I go:

People. Really. Come on, now.

Posting a picture of snow (in winter, much less) and making a snide comment like: “really? global warming?” is like walking into a hospital waiting room and saying “I don’t see what the problem is. Everyone’s still alive.” It’s like heading into the woods at sunset and saying to your hiking partner: “You packed a flashlight? What kind of an idiot are you? The sun’s out!!”

A lot of people made fun of Noah because when he built the ark it wasn’t raining and there certainly wasn’t no ocean nearby. I’m certainly not saying Al Gore is Noah. Irony just makes me smile.

And if Christians are going to attempt to engage the scientific community with any sort of self-respect, then I think we should present evidence beyond sticking our hand out the window to therefore conclude that the ozone layer is still intact.