Friday Playlist: The Way I Tend To Be

Music is the heartbeat of culture; if that’s not a thesis worth defending then I’m not sure what is. While I don’t have time to write your eyes out (the literary version of “talking your ear off”. Clever, right?) right now, I have decided to start sharing some of my current favorite songs for you to all take delight, ignore, debate, share, dance, lip sync…whatever. I listen to a variety of genres, as in there’s really no genre in which I have not taken delight at some point. So if these aren’t to you’re liking, then treat these posts like New England weather: wait a moment and they’ll change.

Really, this is just an excuse to post something without expelling the creative energy for it (points for honesty?).

I’m going to try and focus on lesser known artists, because I believe in the promotion of the arts. The problem with that plan is I’m really not a trendy guy; hipsters usually laugh at my attempts to be such. So chances are most of what I suggest you will have already heard.┬áBut that doesn’t mean its not good so you should still listen.

Here’s the first one, a nostalgic, up-beat serenade from Frank Turner. I hadn’t heard of him before this song, but this certainly caught my ears. And the music video is one for conversation. I think the moral is that the key to dating success is digging holes and learning the mandolin. That or Frank just read to much Louis Sachar…

Happy Friday, ya’ll.