Grad Students: When Friends Post Their Grades On Facebook And They’re (Much) Better Than Yours

On the surface I’m like:

But on the inside:



The Conclusion To My Exegesis Paper

My Opinion:

My Professor’s Opinion:


Either way, it’s a wrap. Another semester of graduate school = donezo.

Meanwhile, the number of times I’ve uttered that sentence disturbs me deeply.

This Is Finals Week

(in four pictures)

There’s multiple choice exams:

And always at least five in-class essays which I try to escape with as vague and limited exchange of information as possible:

Oh and let’s not forget those Hebrew vocabulary requirements– the ones I spend hours and hours studying for and attack with utmost confidence only to:

And to cap it all off, I finished the week by botching a personal reflection paper. Which, like burning water, I’ve learned is possible:

Worst case scenario, I flunk out of seminary and get a real job.

Best case scenario, I survive and get to do this again in a few months.