Citing Bible Verses To Debunk An Atheist’s Claim

Ends like:

Okay, can we talk about this? Non-Christians don’t think the Bible is God’s word- right? So tis fair to say that citing a Bible verse in a discussion with an atheist is like referencing a driver’s manual to an Amish person with a broken buggy. And yet it seems to be a frequent status quo (particularly in online comment threads- oh lawdy do we like doing this in online comment threads!) to cherry-pick Bible verses to support our claims. This is neither helpful, wise nor is it contextually becoming of us, like putting on a dress to go scuba diving.

If we’re going to engage the culture in a conversation, let’s learn to speak their language and not feel like we have to shove ours down their throat.

Defending My Theological Opinions To Other People

What I Think I Sound Like:


What I Actually Sound Like:


It would behoove all of us to to recall the humbling reminder from Martin Luther that:

“He who believes his doctrine to be perfectly right and true has only to lift his hands and touch his ears and discover they are the long furry ears of a donkey.”



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