My Prayers Are So Empty


Dearest Father, Son and Spirit,

My prayers are so empty. Lately I have not been able to articulate what it is I wish to communicate to you. It requires great effort to move past platitudes and delve into vulnerability of the heart. It takes a lot of work and so, for a few days now, I just haven’t tried. I’m sorry. Forgive my relational laziness that allows me to drift away from you so apathetically.

God, today I am reminded of how full the world is. Full of laughter, full of sorrow. Full of kids running with kites in the park; students in class texting under the table; drivers who drum their fingers upon the steering wheel to the rhythm of this week’s top-40 song.

The world is full of warmth and bitter cold; full of rain clouds and snow. Full of mountains, trees and valleys and endless plains where one can stand in an overturned recycling bin then reach out their hands to touch the sunset as it lays down to sleep. The world is full of concrete images and real, tangible things. And it is full of emotions which are not tangible but just as real. There is so much in this world that can satisfy, make us homesick, scrape our knees and break our hearts.

So God, I ask that you give me the words to fill my prayers. Give me access, oh God, to the most beautiful corners of language so that when I pray it might be poetry, might be a song with sounds no one has ever heard but that make you smile. Make me a writer, dear God, who never stops writing because he never stops praying.

And let my words be full, oh Lord. Full of back-breaking and tear cleansing love for you.


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