A Prayer For Dr. Hawkins and Wheaton College

On February 6, Wheaton College released this statement regarding the recent controversy over their attempt to dismiss Dr. Lydia Hawkins:


Dear Triune God,

We know that you are a God of peace, a God of reconciliation and resolution.

And so God, we thank you that- for now- it appears that there is peace in this controversy between Dr. Larycia Hawkins and Wheaton College.

We do not know the ins and outs behind this decision. Those of us watching from a distance feel varying degrees of frustration, anger, hurt, confusion and indignation. Forgive us, Lord, if we have sinned in our anger. Comfort us and remind us of your grace.

We pray specifically for Dr. Larycia Hawkins who has come under so much scrutiny and publicity because of this event. We cannot imagine the toll this has had on her; from crowds supporting her, to those who have expressed vitriolic opposition and hate. Encourage her, dear Lord. For we know that she seeks you, and that this whole mess has come about because of her expressed desire to be found with people who are marginalized and oppressed. Lord, is this not what you ask of us, your children?

Please be with the administration and faculty of Wheaton College, as well. There’s been so much judgement, hate, disunity, strife and frustration surrounding this event. Grant peace to the administration, conviction if needed. Grant peace to the faculty, who might be confused and frustrated in the wake of this. And to the students and alumni- give us all a sense of reconciliation and hope.


God, none of us are inerrant in our knowledge of you. Remind us of this truth and use these events to keep us humble in our seeking after you. Use this controversy for the advancement of your kingdom. Do not let it divide us, dear God. Rather may we all become more unified in our service to you, even if we disagree.

All this we pray.


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