A Prayer For The Super Bowl

As has been increasingly reported in recent years, the Super Bowl weekend has become synonymous with sex trafficking.

Oh God in Heaven,

What a horrible thing it is to think that we, your children, might abuse and use one another for sexual gratification. God, what a wicked, sinful, heinous and selfish people that we can all become, that some of us are. A corner of every human’s heart is prone to pornograph and abuse even the purest of pleasures. Lord, it must break your heart. Break ours too, we pray.

We ask you to be with all those missing and exploited, especially children, during this Super Bowl weekend. Be present as mediator between the oppressed and oppressors, oh Christ, and comforter for abused, oh Holy Spirit. God, we pray that you would penetrate the hearts of all who profit from their enslavement. Convict them, oh God, in a way only your love can. Redeem them, oh God, in a way only your grace can.

We pray also that your wisdom and guidance be granted to the authorities; that this weekend may be one of thwarting evil plans. We pray for America as a nation, we who exploit each other in more ways than one. May we all repent of the lust we grow from the beauty you have given us. Replace our misdirected desires with the desire for your Kingdom. And help us- amidst the cheering, the chips, the fireworks, the amusement-help us remember those with whom you have called us to mourn.

In your grace, we pray.






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