A Prayer of Petition: Above Our Chaos


Oh Spirit of God,

In the beginning you hovered above the waters of chaos and from it you brought life. And not just life, oh God, but life that is so peculiar and mysterious we cannot articulate it’s wonder: kangaroos, glaciers, tulips in the spring, the intricacies of a snowflake and (strangest of all!) humans.

So God we ask that you continue to bring life out of the chaos that often becomes our lives. At times we generate this chaos; at times is happens to us. But when the waves of chaos toss us to and fro, we pray that we might find refuge and peace in the safety of your ark. We do not earn your protection, oh Lord. But from under your umbrella and from within your lifeboat of grace, we pray that you use the times of chaos- the times of confusion, hurt, turbulence- to bring life into and from our lives.


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