A Prayer: Cannot Know Myself


Dear Triune God,

I am reminded today, particularly while out for my run, that I cannot know you until I know myself. I believe it was Calvin where I read that. And yet, Calvin also says, one cannot know oneself until she knows you. This Catch-22 reminds me of a pertinent truth: the greatest barrier to my knowing you is my very self.

God, help me to see nothing without seeing it through the lens of your being. At the same time, help me to never forget what my theology professor taught so fervently, during that dry, bitter February my junior year of college: “you can know God; but you can never comprehend him.”

So let our knowledge of you come only through humility, only through self-abandonment, only through relationship to Jesus Christ, your Son, as revealed in the Scriptures and manifested through the work of your Holy Spirit, all of which is done unto and by you. And let our knowledge of you never fall captive to narcissistic assertions of comprehension (a ‘Master of Divinity’ good Lord, what an ironic and ludicrous title).

Help me seek you; allow me to finally know myself. All by your grace.



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