Upon Hearing That White Privilege Is A Myth

I’m Like:

I’m a white male and I can admit it: I’m entitled to certain privileges and opportunities that people in other positions simply don’t have access too. I’ve never been subjected to a racist slur. I’ve never been in fear when talking to a police officer. I’ve never, ever, not once, been regarded with suspicion by a store owner just for entering late at night. Some of this is because my parents worked very hard, but much of it is because of the color of my skin. That’s not okay.

And white people denying that this problem exists, claiming the only reason they’re successful is because they worked really hard and the only reason that black people are unsuccessful is because they didn’t work really hard denies simple statistics and facts. Even Megyn Kelly admits this. We need to let our pride down for a moment.

By admitting that there is a problem we’re not saying we’re the sole perpetrators of it and no one sees us as such. But if we deny a problem exists, we continue to be a part of it.


One thought on “Upon Hearing That White Privilege Is A Myth

  1. Where does a guy apply for this white privilege you speak of? I’ve certainly never had it just for being white!
    You should spend some time in a non-white neighborhood before you post B.S. like this.

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