A Final Word From Robin Williams

A lot has been said about Robin Williams this last week. Following Williams’ death Tuesday my primary, heart-wrenching concern continues to be for the Williams’ family. In most of the posts I’ve read, writers are quick to analyze Williams’ decision, deciphering whether or not it was moral and what’s to be learned from it. But in all of the madness (and there was a lot of it) little concern was shown for their well-being of those closest to him, of those most affected by this tragedy. Now that the tragedy seems to have melted from our Facebook feeds, our Twitter updates and our blogospheres, now that the media has gotten it’s fix of the tragedy…can we remember to pray for them? Can we remember them in the months and years ahead? Because we can be sure it will never fade from their hearts.

So much has been said on this topic that I do not feel it worthy to add my own words to the chaos of conversation that has erupted in the last week. But if you’ve been following this story at all, if you’ve been saddened by the news of Williams’ death and the mishandling by bloggers and the media in it’s wake, then take the time to watch this video. Let Robin Williams get the last word, and watch as he turns around and gives that word to God. It’s encouraging to know that through his struggles, Williams still saw the hope that sits at the bottom of every pit of despair we can reach. There’s always hope. We must remember, in depression, suicide, pain, discouragement, loneliness and despair: there’s always hope, hope eternal, hope over-flowing, hope everlasting.

As the fascination with this tragedy fades from the media, I hope Williams’ timeless wisdom won’t fade from our hearts and our prayers. Thanks for the reminder, Captain.

“The thing that matters are others, way beyond yourself. Self goes away. Ego: bye-bye. I realize there are a lot of amazing people out there to be thankful for. And a loving God. Other than that: good luck. That’s what life is about.”

-RIP Robin Williams, 1951-2014

One thought on “A Final Word From Robin Williams

  1. Having gone through some pretty painful emotional and spiritual struggles (though not to the degree Robin did, I am sure,) I cannot judge anyone who commits or attempts to commit suicide. Sometime the pain and perceived hopelessness of a person’s particular situation are just so great it really becomes unbearable and when you keep falling back into the pain, you begin to fear it will always be this way–and you can’t seem to make it go away no matter what you try or how hard you try it. I also do NOT believe that true Christians who kill themselves go to hell. God understands their despair and sees their hearts and is merciful.

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