Good Reason To Google


Look, let’s be honest here for a minute: I know next to nothing about technology. The fact that I have a blog is somewhat miraculous in that I actually figured out how to turn on my computer and access the internet without getting so frustrated that I punched a hole in the wall.

Thus, to this point in my life, I have used Google merely because just saying “Google” makes me feel like:

But now there’s a better reason to use Google. A really, really good reason.

For starters, Google recently announced that they are amping up their efforts into a $5 million initiative against online distribution of child pornography. Additionally, they are continuing to explore technology that blocks and tracks down distributes of said material. They explained the process as:

“…we’ve used “hashing” technology to tag known child sexual abuse images, allowing us to identify duplicate images which may exist elsewhere. Each offending image in effect gets a unique ID that our computers can recognize without humans having to view them again. Recently, we’ve started working to incorporate encrypted “fingerprints” of child sexual abuse images into a cross-industry database. This will enable companies, law enforcement and charities to better collaborate on detecting and removing these images, and to take action against the criminals.”

Which makes me all like:

But it gets better! Because Google went one step further and actually contemplated that “Hey, I wonder if it might possibly be logical to consider that objectification of someone isn’t just a bad thing when they’re a child?”

(Hint: the answer is “Yes”.)

Thus Google also announced that it will now prohibit advertisements that include sexually graphic material. Not only that, but they also no longer allow the sale of apps that promote explicitly sexual material.

Said Google:

“Beginning in the coming weeks, we’ll no longer accept ads that promote graphic depictions of sexual acts including, but not limited to, hardcore pornography (and) graphic sexual acts…”

I don’t know a lot about Google, but I know a step in the right direction when I see it. And taking a stand against the exploitation of children in pornography is always something to commend. Taking that notion one step further and refusing to pretend that exploitation doesn’t end when someone turns 18, now that…that’s just plain wonderful.

Google just won some points in my book.

If you want to thank Google for making this stand against the exploitation of fellow human beings: you can sign this online thank you card (which, I just learned was a thing). Please take a moment to do so.

Then, get back to Googling.

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