That One Day I Turned My Seminary Campus Into A Ski Slope

Yesterday we had a snow day. Which is an excellent opportunity to catch up on work, sleep and study.


It is a good day to design and implement a ski slope on your seminary’s campus:

Halleljuah Hill Trail Map

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Hallelujah Hill (All Rights Reserved) the premier and exclusive (as opposed to inclusive, get it!?) sanctified ski slope in your backyard!

Hallelujah Hill features several slopes of varying difficulty. Start your day warming up on Sabbath Slide then work your way up to TULIP Twist (“sorry we couldn’t help it”) and Reformed Raceway (“Decide how you want to handle it”).

Still looking for a bigger challenge? Head over to the Dispensational Glades (“You can navigate them, but it’s easy to get tripped up and Left Behind”)! Or try Ordination Plunge (“Go to fast and you’ll end up on the road”).

If you’re looking for the ultimate Hallelujah Hill challenge, then you can take on The Cliff of Errancy (“Once you start, there’s no turning back”). Just keep an eye out for turkeys. They pop up from time to time, our best advice is to treat them like moguls.

**Please note, Hallelujah Hill and GCTS are in no way responsible for any injuries received while skiing these slopes. Ski patrol is currently preoccupied with studying their Greek. 

Long story short, my friend and I took the afternoon to actually try out these slopes. As it turns out, the campus hill seems like a mountainside when you’re running late to class but when it comes to attempting to shred powder at breakneck speed… well it’s not that steep.

The problem is, of course, that the slopes weren’t groomed. I’m gathering signatures for a petition to the seminary president to buy one. 

After a few somewhat anti-climactic runs we resigned ourselves to building a lil’ kicker jump on Toddler Time and practicing our freestyle (limited as it may be).

All in all, I’d say it was a successful afternoon.



In other news, I have some catching up to do…..Happy Friday!

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