Follow “All My Roads” On Facebook!

So it happened. I caved.  And now this blog has a Facebook page.

You should go there. And you should “Like” it. And then you should invite 4-5 of your likeminded friends to like it as well.

Benefits include:

  • You will always know when I post some new blog material  (hooray!)
  • You’ll get to see how much fun I have creating and sharing theological memes with situational contexts like:

Facebook 1


Facebook 2


  • Plus, you’ll get to hear 60-120 character blurbs about how my day is going. DAILY (read:as much as I can remember/think of something quirky or pensive)! Things like:
Facebook 3


Facebook 4
Ah… the profundity.

And. Uh. That’s it. No other benefits.

Still, you should probably get on Facebook right now and “Like” this blog’s page. Just click here. 

Or there:

Then invite 4-1,000(ish) likeminded friends to do the same.

Help me reach the goal of 500 “Likes” by the end of the week!


Because you appreciate this blog.

Because you want to share it.

Because you feel sorry for me.


Thank you, truly, for your support and readership.


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