Sunday Quotes: Making Nonsense of a Mystery

I know I quote her a lot but an author of this magnitude needs to be referenced over and over again. I stumbled upon this quote in the middle of her most recent novel and I found it to be the most apt, though perhaps a bit rash, response to a cynic of the church that one can offer (coming from a the mouth of one himself). Mystery should never prompt an apology and it is a shame that today it often does:

“I’m not going to apologize for the fact that there are things I don’t understand. I’d be a fool if I though there weren’t. And I’m not going to make nonsense of a mystery, just because that’s what people always do when they try to talk about it. Always. And then they think the mystery itself is nonsense. Conversation of this kind is a good deal worse than useless. In my opinion.”

-The Reverend John Ames from Marilynne Robinson’s Home

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