Sunday Quotes: A Deeper Truth

My father has been trying to get me to read this book for about a year now. I’ve resisted because when it comes to book recommendations his are usually very good and this book is 900 pages, something I haven’t had the time for. But the other day I caved and picked it up. True to my expectation, it’s been a page-turner so far and you might expect a couple more quotes from it to come your way as the month goes on. Hopefully I can finish it without interfering too much with my studies. If not, well, then…it’s just school. There are worse things in life.

Happy Sabbath:

“There’s a truth that’s deeper than experience. It’s beyond what we see, or even what we feel. It’s an order of truth that separates the profound from the merely clever, and the reality from the perception. We’re helpless, usually, in the face of it; and the cost of knowing it, like the cost of knowing love, is sometimes greater than any heart would willingly pay. It doesn’t always help us to love the world, but it does prevent us from hating the world.”

-Gregory David Roberts; Shantaram

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