9 thoughts on “Choosing Not To Study For My First Hebrew Quiz Of The Semester

      1. Yes, I had Dr. Pratico while I was doing my post-grad degree (ThM) at Gordon-Conwell. I had him for an independent, intensive Hebrew reading course. I read, translated and parsed verbs for 39 chapters of Hebrew that semester! I would do the work on my own and he gave me a midterm and final.
        It was a great experience. That one semester alone, I translated 66 chapters of Hebrew!

      2. That’s impressive and absolutely believable with Pratico. And I’m not sure if we made this connection yet or not but I’m a Gordon-Conwell student right now myself. I’m not studying under Pratico directly but under his colleague here at the seminary for Hebrew classes…small world!

      3. No, I did not know that! Yes, I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Gordon-Conwell. I had Dr. Niehaus for several classes. Of course, when I was there 05-06, Dr. Kaiser was still teaching and I had him for a course (he retired my graduating semester). I also had Dr. Petter, he had just finished up at Toronto, for Intermed. Hebrew. Of course, a few others too. I finished my MDiv at Beeson Divinity School in Birmingham, AL and then received my ThM at GC.
        I will continue to pray for you and hope it is a great time for you!

      4. Small world, indeed. I’m familiary with Beeson too and glad to hear you enjoyed your time at GCTS. So far I’ve absolutely loved it. What are you doing now, if I might ask…it appears your still doing teaching work perhaps?

      5. I own my own business and I preach and teach in my local church. I had done some adjunct professor positions, but we moved and I am now looking for some more of those opportunities; even considering PhD work.

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