One thought on “The Postmodern Dilemma

  1. BTW – Congratulations on tying the knot!!! While at a family reunion (wife’s side) many years ago (BC…as in before children), I sat and observed the happenings during this week long “adventure” and came up with a theory that life is really made up of a series of planes (stay with me). All of these plane are perfectly parallel (keep in mind I’m a designer in a scientific environment) and these planes never intersect and go off into infinity (did I happen to mention I love to watch people and how they interact?). We were in our late 20’s and the reunion was to celebrate the 50th wedding anniversary of my wife’s grandparents (BIG age spread). So the “theory” goes that people live on these different planes and they will never be able to relate to the people on another plane. As with any theory one needs some proof as a basis.

    Proof: One of the planned activities was a trip to Emerald Bay from Stateline on the Tahoe Queen (fake Mississippi paddle boat to suck up all those tourist dollars). Since they would not allow fishing from the boat I passed on this activity. As everyone was returning from this “grand adventure”, the level of fun was directly related to age. The oldest on this “three hour tour” had a grand time. The youngest, no so much…they felt the vacuum of their missing dollars. There are many other examples from that week of fun.

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