What Bill Watterson Taught Me About Christmas (And Life In General)

So Buzzfeed already sorta beat me to this one but in case you happen to be cruising the internet today and in case you are so bored that you are actually on my blog a) seriously, I am so sorry, it’ll get better b) I thought I’d provide a little Yuletide cheer to lift you from the dismality you must inevitably be reeling in.

I’ve written and posted somewhat endlessly about the influence Bill Watterson’s comic strip had on my development as a child and so I wanted to take a moment today to share a couple lessons Watterson taught me about Christmas. Of course, most of these lessons extend through Christmas and onto life in general, but in the spirit of the season they all relate to this most blessed time of year. So here you have ’em:

1)A Utilitarian Approach to Morality Works Best

All the philosophy and systematic theology is just stating what Calvin figured out at age six:


Utilitarian Morality

2) The Best Gifts Are Neither Wrapped Nor Bought

Lucky for me, because gift wrapping is not my forte and I usually forget to buy gifts on time.

the best gifts aren't wrapped 3)Charity Is Not An Excuse For Incompetence

Always a good thing to remember when it comes to volunteer hours and mentored ministry requirements

Charity Is No Excsue For Inadequate Performance








4)Cynicism Can Be Helpful To My Faith

I’m becoming more Catholic by the day, aren’t I?

Cynicism Can Be Helpful To One's Faith Walk


5) Even The Best Sense Of Humor Still Requires Timing

A good lesson to learn for a man on the verge of marriage…

Even the Best Sense of Humor Still Requires Timing

6) When It Comes To The State of Things We All Share The Blame

Sometimes I get depressed with the state of the world. Sometimes I want to point the finger. Sometimes I have to turn around and point that finger right back at myself.

When It Comes to the state of things we're all in this together

And of course…

7) Grace Wins Out In The End

Even for the least worthy of us…

grace prevails


Just a few tidbits for you from Mr. Watterson. Remember, lest anyone think I’m more important/rich than I am and think these ideas are my own, they’re not- so there. I said it. Now you can’t sue me. I think that’s how this copyright stuff works.

Now please, get off the internet and definitely get off this blog. Go read the first chapters of Luke, drink hot chocolate, watch snow fall outside (or pretend its snowing if you live too far south). Snuggle up a loved one, pet or a pillow…whatever you do, wherever you are, I pray that you are able to enjoy Christmas with those nearest and dearest to you. If not, Calvin and Hobbes is as worthy a substitute as any.

Merry Christmas everyone!

merrry christmas

2 thoughts on “What Bill Watterson Taught Me About Christmas (And Life In General)

  1. I’m bored so here goes…

    Number 2 – This will change once you are married or your life will be hell.

    Number 5 – That’s me.

    Number 6 – When you point a finger at someone else, you have three pointing back at yourself.

    Merry Christ’s Mass

    1. Haha! Sorry you were bored but glad Watterson could keep you company. Good thoughts for sure. Hope you’re gearing up for a Happy New Year. And sorry for that pun. Really.

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