To America From England: Happy Thanksgiving

Here’s what happens when you give a group of British people a map of the United States and ask them to label the different states:


Seeing as I am half-British, I found this article on Buzzfeed particularly hilarious and couldn’t resist but sharing it. If you’re looking for a laugh, be sure to check it out.

That being said, it goes both ways. For instance, I bet you couldn’t name the countries that make up Great Britain. Or how about their current Prime Minister? What about the Canadian provinces? I don’t even know how many there are…

Also, something I’ve learned since moving to the northeast is that for all their advanced degrees New Englanders are horrifically geographically ignorant. A friend of mine from New England once asked where I was from:

“Ohio,” I told her.

“Oh…that’s next to Idaho, right?”




And she had a Masters degree. In some sorta specialty that I can’t even describe.

And like I said, I’m hardly one to talk. I still can’t name the provinces of Canada…all seven (eight? five?) of ’em. And let’s be fair….it’s easy to confuse Hawaii and Alaska.

Happy Tuesday, from New Massachusetts.

2 thoughts on “To America From England: Happy Thanksgiving

  1. I believe the countries are England/Britain/UK/whatever they’re calling it today, Ireland, Scotland…is Wales a country? And Canada, yeah, Canada…maple syrup and stuff. Nova Scotia…British Columbia…yeah, I’m empty.

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