Friday Playlist: White Washed

One of my readers (read: my sister) recently told me that I must only like music with high pitched singing because that’s the only thing I post. Purely out of a desire to prove her wrong I give you August Burns Red. This band found its niche in the hardcore/metal scene, topping charts with their first big hit “White Washed”. This is one of those songs that I’ve loved from the first moment I heard it  furthering  my point that of all the things you may say about my musical taste, it certainly isn’t exclusive. 

If you can understand the lyrics (which, lets be honest, shouldn’t be a problem) you’ll hear a the anthem for Protestantism blazing through your speakers. That or anarchy. Huh. Something to ponder.  

Enjoy! Oh, and make sure you turn your speakers up. It’s a little difficult to hear….

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