6 Ways To Have A Blast During The Government Shutdown


Parks are closed, services have ceased and paychecks are being withheld… a government shutdown is no fun for anyone. But life is what you make it and right now it’d be way to easy to make it one, big, bankrupt joke and thus laugh our way to the end of this debacle. So here’s a few ways you can have way too much fun with a government shutdown:

1) Relate the government shutdown to your favorite movies like Ferris Bueller or Mean Girls

2) Watch the President’s recent speech with his reaction to the shutdown and take a shot every time he says “the Republicans”.

Note: if you’re a teetotaler, you can take shots of chocolate syrup…you’ll get just as sick.

3) Make a list of absurd things you used to be able to do, but cannot do anymore…like watch Panda cam.

4) Waste countless hours laughing at memes about the government shutdown.

5) Take a picnic to a National Park.

6) Go to something that isn’t funded by the government like, gee, I dunno…

But seriously.
But seriously. We know how to manage our budgets. 



Happy Shutdown, everyone. I hope that wherever this finds you, no matter how badly the shutdown hurts, that you are able to laugh. Just a little…



2 thoughts on “6 Ways To Have A Blast During The Government Shutdown

  1. Um, the White House is a National Park. How come it has not been closed and its residents put up in a FEMA trailer?

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