One thought on “Answering Questions On My Church History Final

  1. For a history class in college I did a book review for extra credit (I needed all the points I could muster). The professor made some disparaging remarks about the contents of the book that were contrary to what was written by the author (Pacific War Diary by James Fahey…a great Pacific War history read) and gave me a “B”. I set up an appointment and challenged the professor and said he should not make comments about the contents unless he had read the book. He acknowledged his error and raised my grade slightly. The next semester I did yet another book review (still desperate for points) but this time I used a book from a previous history class and a shorter read. I wrote what he wanted to hear and got an “A+” and a glowing remark that “one of the other professors (whose class I took) thinks the book is excellent”. I cynically manipulated the professor without his knowledge.

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