Alone on Mt. Washington: part 3

Well over a year ago now, I set out on alone on a winter climb in Mount Washington. When I returned from my trip, I sat down to share with the blogosphere and my soon-to-be-mortified loved ones the details of a trip I possibly, probably, shouldn’t have taken alone. Maybe.

An online magazine has been publishing the story in four parts, the third being published just yesterday. Enjoy!

~The~ Pew-pew -Review-

Alone on Mt. Washington: part 3 by Bryn Clark

A few weeks prior to graduating, I was asked by a professor to speak to my fellow English majors at our department’s chapel. This was as befuddling as it was flattering. I mean there I was, a senior English major having just turned down the only career I had been offered and on the verge of doing what? Any random job I could get? What on earth was I going to say to them?

“Hi…uh…my name’s Bryn. No, it’s a guy’s name. I liked being an English major. It helps me talk good. I don’t have much of a job yet. But I’m moving to Maine. I think. Yeah, Maine. It’s pretty…”

Yeah. Uh-uh.

A few days later, I walked to the podium holding a scrap of paper with scribbles on it and cleared my throat. With a glance down at…

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