Sunday Quotes: God Laughs and Plays

“Truly! Truly! By God! Be as sure of it as you are that God lives: at the least good deed done here in this world, the least bit of good will, the least good desire, all the saints in heaven and on earth rejoice, and together with the angels their joy is such that all the joy in this world can’t be compared. But the joy of them all together amounts to as little as a bean when compared to the joy of God over good deeds. For truly, God laughs and plays.”

– Meister Eckhart

So, for God sakes, put down your work, stop studying, let the world turn as it may in the absence of whatever important task is consuming you and take a Sabbath. I heard somewhere that on the seventh day God rested…if that’s true then we can too.


Happy Sunday.


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