Sunday Quotes: Ideal of Unity

The semester is rolling along and I promise when it’s done I’ll get back to actually writing again. In the meantime, amidst the current debates in the Supreme Court as well as most of my friend’s Facebook pictures changing to a funky colored equation sign, I thought I’d contribute this small whisper of reality to the flourishing debate. Unity will not be accomplished within the church until a unified worship of the One True God takes priority over our personal agendas or beliefs.

“How can Paul’s ideal of unity- or Jesus’ for that matter- ever be realized in our fragmented and polarized church? It will not be realized as long as we insist that unity can be achieved by “accepting me on my terms”. Only a spirit of humility, a willingness to sacrafice what we may hold dear for the sake of love for the other, a willingness to “die to self” will contribute to restoring unity in the church where it was been breached and to preserving it where it is now threatened.”

-David A. deSilva; Honor, Patronage Kinship & Purity 

That’s all! Happy Sunday!

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