The Theology of Calvin and Hobbes

calvin and hobbes God

As of late, I’ve been a little absent from the blogging life due to the necessity of attending to events in my own life. I’m 95% sure no one has noticed.

None the less, on the off-chance that anyone has, I’d like to provide you with some literature to keep you busy. Thus I share with you The Theology of Calvin and Hobbes.  I discovered this little gem the way one discovers most things these days: Google. Written by Richard Beck, of Abilene Christian University (I’ll save you the Google search, it’s in Texas) these small posts explore the possible theology, philosophy and psychology behind the greatest comic strip ever written. Don’t argue with my previous statement.

I have not read the series in it’s entirety, nor will I give my universal stamp of agreement, but for someone who spent his childhood nurtured by Watterson’s artwork, it’s a fascinating and worthwhile endeavor to say the least.

Speaking of worthwhile and fascinating endeavors, I hope to return with some of my own sometime soon. That being said, I’ve been told we’re getting a massive snow storm this weekend, which begs me to leave my desk and embark upon this wonderful world for a little bit. Even theology and blogging require breaks.

Till then…


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