Sunday Quotes: Time Itself Would Pass

Yes, I know it’s Monday. Sunday held better things than blogging and that’s not my fault. Sorry to be so blunt.

Now that’s been established, this week I’ve got a quote from a short story I read way back in the day. I didn’t like the story itself (read: I hated it) but I loved this quote at the end and thus concluded that Dean Paschal didn’t entirely deserve a tomato to the face.


Hope you’re having a great Monday and staying warm, dry…etc etc.


“Strange, in six weeks he had hardly been on this porch. He stood there patiently in the late-afternoon light, looking out at the enormous hedge. Whatever life held for him, whatever waited for him, lay beyond it now. There was an immense stillness, a perfect quietness to the tiny leaves. He learned some French in this town, some other things. Well, it would pass. Time itself would pass. Passion was some function of time.”

Moriya; Dean Paschal

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