Sunday Quotes: Aldous Huxley

I’m back in the blogosphere. Finals have come and gone, but honestly, I found very little to laugh about or find humor in following the shootings of a town just a few hours from me. My heart continues to break for everyone effected by the tragedy that occurred in Newton. In light of this, I have an old favorite quote to share this Sunday; I think it applies. Please remember to pray for Newton.

“We are not our own masters. We are God’s property. Is it not our happiness thus to view the matter? Is it any happiness or any comfort to consider that we are our own? it may be thought so by the young and prosperous. These may think it a great thing to have everything, as they suppose, their own way-to depend on no one- to think of nothing out of sight, to be without the irksomeness of continual acknowledgement, continual prayer, continual reference of what they do to the will of another. But as time goes on, they, as all men, will find that independence was not made for man- that it is an unnatural state- will do for a while, but will not carry us safely on to the end.”

-Aldous Huxley; Brave New World

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