A Prayer For Finals Week

Seeing as it is finals week, and I do have a tad bit of work to do (“ah! is he stressed?!”), I’m afraid I will not be able to infiltrate the blogosphere with my weekly dose of doofuscity. That being said, I’d like to take a moment to share a prayer I wrote and have been repeating (in some form or another)  between study sessions and caffeine withdrawals. Humor included, it reflects the desires and intentions of my heart going into each exam. If you are currently in school, I hope it is a fuel to get you through your week and keep you centered in the midst of your exams. If you’re not, well, then say this prayer for someone who is. Cheers!

A Prayer For Finals 

Our Father, who art in heaven (though not in the Platonic sense…)

Hallowed be thy name (and I’m truly sorry for all my irreverent uses of it when stressed),

Thy kingdom come (preferably before my Old Testament final),

Thy will be done (only if it means me passing…please?),

on this campus, as it is in heaven.

Give us this day our daily “A”s (okay, or “B”s)

and forgive us our “F”s

as we (try to) forgive our professors who give them.

Lead us not into a panic attack but deliver us from flunking out.

For thine is the my world and the whole world

these exams, my grades, my heart, and my soul,

the power to take all of them (this very instant, if you would),

and the all the glory I could possibly earn on a Church History paper

both now and well beyond the time when anyone gives a diddly-squat what my grades were,


(from the Greek ἀμήν, which means verily, truly, amen,

so let it be and occurs approximate– oh, sorry…yea I’ll stop)

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