Sunday Quotes: Not From Ourselves

Hope you all are having a great weekend! In working on my next blog post, I stumbled upon this quote and I think it suits it perfectly. Hopefully this will make you want to read this week…if not, well then what else is new?

“Too much is done at the expense of something else, or somebody else. There is some intransigent destructiveness in us. My days, though I think I know better, are filled with a thousand irritations, worries, regrets for what has happened and fears for what may, trivial duties, meaningless torments- as destructive of my life as if I wanted to be dead. Take today for what it is, I counsel myself. Let it be enough.

And I dare not, for fear that if I do, yesterday will infect tomorrow. We are in the habit of contention-against the world, against each other, against ourselves.

It is not from ourselves that we will learn to be better than we are.”

-Native Hill; Wendell Berry

Have a great Sunday!

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