Sunday Quotes: To See God Only

I think Sunday comes faster each and every week; time just doesn’t slow down. Fun fact: this week at Trivia night at the local bar (one of my few social outlet, please note, is still nerdy) one of the questions required that we name the source of the following movie quote: “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t slow down and look around you might miss it.”

Well, I was terribly excited because, for once, I actually knew the answer to a trivia question. I submitted “Blow, Johnny Depp” then sat back with my teammates, sipped my drink, and confidently eyed the other team in a manner that said “befuddled? don’t worry, not everyone can be right like I am.” Turns out I wasn’t. The quote is actually from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off which, it goes without saying, doesn’t have much in common with Depp’s drug-lord saga. Thanks Lord for the humility?

Anyways, all that has absolutely zero relevance to anything, except to say, perhaps, that I need to pay more attention to the end of movies. Also, I think Beuller hit the nail on the head. Anyways, this week I stumbled upon the following quote by my good friend John Donne (who doesn’t love Donne?). I hope it’s worthy of your time, if not, then perhaps it will be in context.


“Seal then this my bill of divorce to all

on whom those fainter beams of love did fall’

marry those loves which in youth scattered be

on fame, wit, hopes (false mistresses) to thee.

Churches are best for prayer that have least light:

To see God only, I go out of sight,

and to ‘scape stormy days, I choose an everlasting night.”

-John Donne; A Hymn to Christ

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