Special Announcement

So I’m not sure you’ve heard (in which case you’ve been a) living under a rock, b) living anywhere west of the Mississippi and really don’t care what happens to us) but:


and whatever meteorologist came up with that name is very proud of himself, I’m sure. Anyways, word on the street is that things may get a little choppy here. Despite the fact that I don’t have access to a fleet of kayaks this year, and thus am incapable of doing anything disproportionally stupid, I’ve still been informed there’s a decent chance of me losing power for the next few days and thus being out of the blogosphere. If such should occur then, well…act like you miss me. I’ll pass the hours writing by candlelight and playing large scale Jenga with my roommate’s Scottish history books. I also think that at least one trip to the beach is in order. Also, I seeing as our cafeteria is closed, I may be forced to eat my Sharpie highlighters. Drastic times, people.

On that note, I’m going to fight the frightened hordes to stock up on water and Pop Tarts.



Wherever you are, stay safe!


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