Why You Should Read This Blog

Recently, I posted my tale of Sparkie the parakeet, in whose memory this blog will now be operated. I’m sure you read that post and out of sympathy for Sparkie are now committed to reading this blog. Of course, there is the minuet possibility that Sparkie’s tale didn’t produce tears, in which case you are a) a heartless human being and b) should read this post in its entirety.

Because if Sparkie didn’t motivate you to read this blog, I have another really good reason why you should. It’s simple: you should read this blog because the author is stupid.

 Of course, I would know because that’s me. Perhaps you’ve been following this blog for a while, or maybe you’re just finding this out for the first time. Either way, this fact will become cemented somewhere in your cerebrum rather quickly.

 Take, for instance, spelling. I’m really terrible at spelling. No matter how hard I try, I can’t seem to place, in the correct order or selection, the letters for: definitely, restaurant, nincompoop (don’t ask why I need to spell that) and Cincinnati (which, by the way, is where I’m from). Spell check and the wonderful capabilities of my editor are the only thing that keep this blog from luokeen somthing lik thiz.#!$ Such would be somewhat acceptable and even forgivable had I spent my four years as an undergraduate student studying, say, Astronomy and though I couldn’t coherently write an essay explaining the method, knew how to explode Mars with a laser. But I didn’t. I studied English… for four years.

So no, I’m not the brightest crayon in the batch.

Of course, all this might come across as incentive for you to shy away from a writer whose commentary on religion, politics and general shenanigans have just been tinted under self-proclaimed incompetence. But for me, as a blogger, to stand before you (well, type rather) and proclaim my unabashed stupidity prior to boring you with some other theory or philosophy is all the more reason why you should become a dedicated follower.

Because no longer am I simply “an English major”, but now I’m going to graduate school.

I’m currently attending a seminary studying theology enroute to a Masters of Divinity. I’ll be here for a few years, living off nickels, Rahmen and prayer before graduating and living off quarters, Rahmen and more prayer. In the meantime, I’ll be launching weekly rants into the worldwide web via this blog.

Which brings me to you, the reader, currently glancing at your watch or perhaps perusing the rest of this website to find contact information and charge me for the last 15 minutes of your life now utterly wasted (a bill I can promise you will be paid in nickels). All of this brings me to why you should read my blog, why you should give a rats-hiney about what I have to say concerning God, politics, atheism, pop culture and how to date/hook-up/love/court in this present day and age.


See, there are plenty of things to aim for in this world: money, fame, sex, Justin Beiber’s head with a paintball gun… but then there’s something most of us don’t actively strive for: humility. As I enter into my next phase of life, my aim is basic: to love God and love others. This is, simply speaking, my entire life’s goal. To truly love God, however, I need to know Him. The problem is, knowing God is impossible. I should clarify…comprehending God is impossible. I can know God, I can have a personal relationship with Him, but I will never be able to comprehend God completely. And yet, I’m still sinking the next three years and quantifiable amounts of time/money into an effort to do so.


Because that’s love. God is the center of the world and He is the source of all love. If my aim in life is to love others with the love of the Infinite, then knowledge and a relationship with Him ought to be my top priority. But of course this brings up:

Question: Can you love someone/something you don’t understand?

Answer: Yes. Ask any man who is married to a woman.

Question: Okay, then how?

Answer: Through humility.

I’ve met very few women in this world who are flattered by the phrase “You’re no longer a mystery to me; I know everything there is to know about you. ” God is no different. If I seek to know Him, as a means of loving Him and loving the world, then I must start with the basic premise that all my accumulated knowledge will amount to nothing in perspective with the Infinite. Only then will my knowledge be of any value, because if the God I chose to worship is not a confound mystery to me, what I’ve chosen certainly isn’t God.  As I set out on my seminary education, I must begin my journey standing on the concrete reality that I am, when it comes down to it, stupid, or that journey through this divine mystery will be for naught.

With that in mind, I can launch myself on an endeavor to know God and help others know Him right, all the while awaiting a lightning bolt from heaven (or comment from a follower) to set me straight when needed. Besides, let’s face it, this world needs less prideful politicians, pastors, writers, athletes and Wal-Mart greeters, bloggers (we actually could just use less bloggers in general) and more people who are seeped with a genuine, complete humility. I’m not saying that I won’t take a stance on issues, that I won’t have an opinion or that I won’t defend that opinion till I’m blue in the face. This is simply a promise that I, as one who claims to seek God and truth, will always stand to be challenged in what I find. By anyone.

I guess what I’m saying is help me. As I set out on a new chapter, as I begin to explore that which can never truly be explored, I need your help, your feedback and your readership.

So please: Keep me humble, remember Sparkie and (most importantly) remind me that I’m stupid. Read this blog.

2 thoughts on “Why You Should Read This Blog

  1. As the great Dr. J once said (and I’m pretty sure he was quoting another guy), “You can know God but you cannot comprehend him.”

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